ICE DOWN Cold Therapy Elbow Wrap

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I.C.E. DOWN Cold Therapy Elbow Wrap is a soft, pliable cold wrap that fits a variety of elbow sizes. Adjustable sleeve allows for desired level of compression. Also great for foot or hand injuries. Includes one 14" x 6" Cold Pack.

  • Dimensions: 23" x 6.5"
  • Easy to use: I.C.E. DOWN's full coverage loop fabric provides a quick and easy method of application on any size individual.
  • Even compression and comfort: Provides uniform compression to any part of the body being treated.
  • Long lasting: Because the Flexible-Ice cold pack comes out of the freezer at approximately 16 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, it may be used longer and it will recharge quicker than any other cold pack.
  • Portable: Flexible-Ice cold pack is colder than other cold packs, it can be transported inside a cooler or insulated soft pack and be ready for use hours later.
  • Moldable: The Flexible-Ice cold pack will mold to areas of the body that are difficult to treat with ordinary ice.
  • Durable: The Flexible-Ice cold pack has a unique tube construction, without seams. The ends are double heat sealed making them stronger.

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