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With its seamless blend of control, maneuverability and power, the YouTek Radical Midplus makes a solid choice for a variety of players at the 4.0+ level. There's enough pace to suit advanced level juniors and smaller adults, yet enough control and feel to help even the biggest hitters keep shots within the lines. The ease with which players can whip this racquet around makes it a very spin-friendly offering. Both topspin rippers and slice and dice players will find a willing partner here. Our TW playtesters found impressive comfort and a forgiving response from the stringbed. At net the racquet offers a maneuverable feel with enough pop to help dispatch put away volleys. Some nice feel makes hitting touch shots and finding angles a snap. On serve the maneuverable feel enables all the racquet head speed needed for both pace and spin. The 18/20 string pattern provides ample bite and control. The Midplus Radical has long been a TW playtester favorite in its various incarnations and this YouTek version continues the impressive lineage.

Note: Racquet does not come with a cover.

Midplus Specs
Head Size:
98 sq. in. / 632 sq. cm.
Length: 27 inches / 69 cm
Strung Weight: 11oz / 312g
Balance: 2pts Head Light
Swingweight: 324
Stiffness: 59
Beam Width: 21.5 mm Straight Beam
Composition: Graphite/D30
Power Level: Low
Swing Speed: Fast
Grip Type: HydroSorb
String Pattern:
18 Mains / 20 Crosses
Mains skip: 9T,8H,10H
Two Piece
No shared holes
String Tension: 52-62 pounds


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