Gosen AK Pro 17 String

Price: $7.95
In Stock: 10+

Providing more power with added elasticity and resiliency over the 16g version, Gosen uses their 3 island process for better control while providing less shock. This high modulus string technology is offered in a thinner 17 gauge for more playability.

  • Gauge: 17 (1.22 mm)
  • Length: 40 feet (12.2m)
  • Available colors: White
  • Composition: Solid core nylon

This product is also available in these variations

Gosen AK Pro 16 String
Price: $7.95
This string offers controllable power and an impressive level of comfort. Ideal for players who want a very smooth feel at impact. Try this 16g version for more durability than the 17g version.
Available: 10+

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