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Offering a great combination of spin, control, and playability, Gamma combines the firm and spin-friendly Zo Verve 16 with the very playable TNT2 16. The result is an extremely playable hybrid. The shaped Zo Verve co-poly mains provide remarkable bite and control. They are made slightly more resilient by Gamma's manufacturing process, which is centered upon a softer, more elastic co-polymer core. The TNT2 crosses contribute feel, power and comfort. They are made with Gamma's TNT2 technology which improves shock absorption and energy transfer to the ball. This hybrid is recommended to players who want a nice balance of spin, control, and playability.
  • Gauge: Gamma Zo Verve 16 (1.32mm) / Gamma TNT2 16 (1.32mm)
  • Length: Gamma Zo Verve - 22 feet (6.7m) / Gamma TNT2 - 20 feet (6.1m)
  • Colors: Gamma Zo Verve: Black /White, Gamma TNT2: Black

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