Gamma Syn. Gut WearGuard 17 Gold 660' Reel

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Gamma's Synthetic Gut with WearGuard technology offers extended string life and playability. Gamma's WearGuard Resistant Fibers wrap around the string's core providing increased durability and is designed to produce a crisp feel. The core of the string is made from Gamma's Super Resilient Dynalon Center Core and is designed to offer more power than conventional synthetic gut.
  • Gauge: 17
  • Length: 660 feet (200m)
  • Color: Gold

This product is also available in these variations

Gamma Syn. Gut WearGuard 17 White 660' Reel
Price: $64.95
With its great all-around playability, this is a great value. Try this 17g version for extra spin. Features Wearguard technology for more durability.
Available: 08/14 Notify Me
Gamma WearGuard Synthetic Gut 17 String
Price: $3.75
Wearguard technology offers longer life. Offers slighter more playability but less durability than the 16 gauge version.
Color: Available: Order:
Black 5
Gold 5+
White 5+

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