Gamma Live Wire 16 String

Price: $10.95
In Stock: 10+
Live Wire Technology exposes the polymeric materials in the string to "an advanced, super high energy, Gamma irradiation process. This process energizes the molecules and accelerates the cross linkage (bonding) between the molecules by more than 25% to create Live Wire monofibers.

This increased cross linkage provides greater dynamic resiliency and greater elasticity, compared to other synthetic materials." Live Wire 16 offers "ultimate playability and all around preformance for superior feel, maximum power, and control."

  • Gauge: 16 (1.32mm)
  • Length: 40 feet
  • Construction: Bundled Live Wire Core, Twisted Live Wire Wraps with Soft Pearl Coating
  • Color: Natural

This product is also available in these variations

Gamma Live Wire 16 (46' Set) String
Price: $15.20
Offering an outstanding combination of comfort, power and feel, this one has a wonderfully crisp response. Impressive control for an arm-friendly multifilament. ***Please note, the length is 46 feet. Great for super oversize racquets***
Available: 1
Gamma Live Wire 16 String Reel
Price: $79.58
Combines a unique multifiber construction and Gamma's patented irradiation process for more power, control and less shock. Offered in a reel for efficiency and multiple stringings.
Available: 01/29 Notify Me
Gamma Live Wire 17 String
Price: $10.95
Combines a unique multifiber construction and Gamma's patented irradiation process for controllable power and very low impact shock. A great option for the player who wants comfort, power and precision. Try this 17 gauge version for added spin potential and feel.
Available: 2
Gamma Live Wire 17 String Reel
Price: $79.58
Ultra-playable string with all the benefits of a 17 gauge multifilament offered in a reel for efficiency in stringing.
Available: 2+

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