Gamma 6900 ELS w/ 2-Point SC Mount Stringing Machine

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  • - Digital control panel putting advanced stringing functions at your fingertips
  • - 2-Point Self-Centering (SC) Mounting System
  • - Slim profile all metal diamond coated string clamps with a unique self locking adjustment knob to hold strings with less clamping pressure
  • - Diamond coated rotational string gripper
  • - Electronically controlled, constant pull tensioning system provides precise tension control from 11.0 to 90.0 lbs (5.0 to 40.0 kgs) in 0.1 increments - 110/220 volt - The tensioner is a modular component that can be easily removed for servicing or maintenance when necessary
  • - Digital control panel for setting speed, lb/kg, calibration, and string length meter operation
  • - Quick Action Swivel Clamp Bases
  • - Foot pedal switch for "Hands Free" operation
  • - Exclusive digital string length meter
  • - Height adjustable from 41" to 48" (can also be used on tabletop)
  • - 5 Year Limited Warranty / 1 Year Electronics
  • - Starter String Pack of 6 FREE sets of Gamma performance string
  • - USRSA Getting Started Stringing Guide

    Tools Included: Pathfinder Awl, Straight Awl, Hex Wrench Set, Straight Pliers, Bent Pliers, Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Cleaning Stone, Starting Clamp, and Custom Cover


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