From Breakpoint to Advantage

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In today's competitive environment, players play more and practice more. Overuse and acute injury is forever looming - if you are not prepared. Overuse injuries are the number one compliant among tennis players. Overuse leads to muscle imbalances, microtrauma, insufficient recovery, biomechanical compensations, and further injury. From Break Point to Advantage empowers players to break free from this vicious circle and to achieve optimal, injury-free performance.

Healthy tennis topics include:

  • Injury prevention and rehab
  • Descriptions, symptoms, and treatments for all tennis related injuries and ailments
  • Stroke mechanics and injury
  • Training programs for flexibility, balance, stabilization and strength
  • Proper nutrition to fuel the tennis body
  • Equipment selection for health and performance
  • Special considerations for juniors, vets, women, and wheelchair athletes
  • Issues of interest including over training, doping and traveling

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