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The Fischer No Tolerance M-Comp 95 offers an exceptional level of feel and control. Stronger players who can handle this racquet's mass and low power level will finding pinpoint precision from this one. Players with full strokes will find good depth and weight on shots thanks to some useful racquet mass. Stability is also impressive from all areas of the court. At net the M-Comp 95 remains very stable even during heavy hitting. Fischer's No Tolerance policy makes this the perfect racquet for players who are exacting in their desired racquet spec. Each No Tolerance M-Comp 95 is guaranteed to weigh precisely 330 grams, unstrung. The stringbed of the M-Comp 95 offers a high level of feel with a sense of precise control on touch and placement shots. At contact, the racquet offers a comfortable response. We found an impressive sense of dwell time (increased time ball is on the strings) resulting in plenty of spin and control. When hitting big, power comes via player technique and one's ability to utilize the mass of the racquet. Best suited to advanced level players seeking a racquet that will help them find the ultimate in control.

When racquets are made, the manufacturer allows a variance in weight specification. The result is that a player looking to use two or more of the same racquet may end up with racquets of different weight. Differing racquet weights can result in a different feel upon pick up as well as in play.

Fischer No Tolerance Guarantee:
Fischer's No Tolerance Guarantee ensures each frame is made to its specified unstrung weight. Unstrung, unused frames feature a money-back guarantee good for 30 days from purchase if the customer is not satisfied the frame meets the weight specified.

Tennis Warehouse Guarantee
If TW strings your No Tolerance Fischer racquets with the same string, we guarantee them to match in weight. Unused racquets may be returned within 30 days of purchase.

Strung Specifications

Midplus Specs
Head Size:
95 sq. in. / 613 sq. cm.
Length: 27 inches / 69 cm
Strung Weight: 12.2oz / 346g
Balance: 6pts Head Light
Swingweight: 334
Stiffness: 59
Beam Width: 20 mm Straight Beam
Composition: Graphite / Fiberglass / Piezotec Fibres
Power Level: Low
Swing Speed: Fast
Grip Type: Fischer Sorb Tack
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Mains skip: 8T,8H
One Piece
No shared holes
String Tension: 45-65 pounds

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