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Donnay Formula Lite 100

Mobile, comfortable and very precise, the Donnay Formula Lite is a great option for novice to intermediate players who want control from all areas of the court. The fast feel enables great spin, while the head heavy balance provides good stability. Head size: 100 in². Swingweight: 304 (RDC). Pattern: 16x19.

$119.00, Feedback

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Donnay X-Dual Core Gold 94

Offering the rare combination of maneuverability, stability and a crisp feel, this is an extremely versatile racquet for advanced level players. Strung weight: 11.5oz. String pattern: 16x19. Standard length.

$119.00, Review, Feedback

Donnay X-Dual Platinum 94

(1/8) Only. Stability, control and impressive power combine in this racquet for advanced level players. Excellent plow through makes this a great choice for attacking from any area of the court. Standard length, 18x20 string pattern, 11.9oz strung weight.

$119.00, Feedback

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Donnay Junior Racquet 25 (4)

The Donnay Junior Racquet 25 is designed for juniors ages 9-10 years or older. Perfect for your developing junior player.


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