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This racquet was designed for top world class player, Brian Gottfried. These samples come from Warren Bosworth's pro stock for Gottfried and have been lightly played. Many of them have the actual gut strings used by Gottfried. We have left the broken strings in the racquet to preserve the integrity of this piece of tennis history. With its beautiful glossy finish, it is constructed out of all white ash with a vulcan fiber laminated shaft and bow. The medium flex shaft gives a flexible and comfortable response with an unmatched feel on balls struck in the sweetspot. We found this to be a very playable wood racquet that whips through the hitting zone with surprising ease considering its 330+ swingweight. Features Brian Gottfrieds' signature printed on the shaft.

Comes with a leather grip. Specs vary from racquet to racquet. ONLY grip size 5 available.

Please note, most of these racquets are lightly used but very playable. Due to a lengthy time in storage, racquets may feature minor imperfections. All racquets are sold in as is condition and are non-returnable.