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Bosworth Racquets
Bosworth HEAD Pyramid Tour 630 Racquet (5/8)
A classic midplus racquet from the 90s. With its distinctive pyramid beam and plush feel, this racquet offers major comfort, stability and power. The dense pattern provides incredible control from all areas of the court.
Price: $130.00,
Bosworth Babolat Pure Storm Team Racquet (1/2)
Held in stock for Nadia Petrova, these Bosworth gems have an exceptional combination of control and maneuverability. This is the Zylon Matrix version.
Price: $140.00,
Bosworth Yonex Pro RD 70 Long Racquet (1/2)
The Yonex Pro RD 70 Long has a thin beam and solid feel. These particular samples have been very lightly played and are in great condition.
Price: $160.00,
Bosworth Yonex RQ 180 Wide Body Racquet (5/8)
A rare widebody mid with an impressive level of power and precision.
Price: $140.00,