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Bosworth Racquets
Bosworth Prince More Control 800 Racquet (3/8)
Big on control and spin, the More Control DB 800 Midplus offers a very smooth ride.
Price: $140.00,
Bosworth Yonex MP Tour 1 98 Racquet (1/2)
The MP Tour 1 98 is a very solid midplus stick from Yonex. These have never been played!
Price: $180.00,
Bosworth Yonex RDS 002 Racquet (3/8)
This racquet offers a solid feel and very fast handling. It is very comfortable and spin-friendly.
Price: $180.00,
Bosworth Babolat Pure Storm Team Racquet (1/2)
Held in stock for Nadia Petrova, these Bosworth gems have an exceptional combination of control and maneuverability. This is the Zylon Matrix version.
Price: $140.00,