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Bosworth Racquets
Bosworth Blackburne DS 97 Ultra Mid (1/2)
This extremely unique racquet is loaded with spin, comfort and power. It virtually eliminates the dreaded "frame shot" while offering phenomenal stability.
Price: $199.00,
Bosworth Head Radical Tour MP Racquet (1/8) STRUNG
A rare gem from the mid 90's, this iconic stick still has the plastic on the handle. Known for its zebra color scheme. Comes strung.
Price: $199.00,
Bosworth Yonex RD Power 10 Long (95) Racquet (1/2)
This extended length racquet is extremely solid and precise. This racquet comes with an Isometric head shape, which means it does not skimp on comfort.
Price: $200.00,
Bosworth Prince Tour NX Graphite Racquet (3/8)
These Tour NX Graphite paint jobs are solid midplus control sticks that rewards big hitters with a comfortably firm feel and surgical response.
Price: $120.00,
Bosworth Prince Tour Diablo Mid Racquet (3/8)
The Tour Diablo Mid is a scalpel with a phenomenal combination of precision and feel. These samples are light and fast.
Price: $170.00,
Bosworth Yonex MP Tour 1 98 Racquet (1/2)
The MP Tour 1 98 is a very solid midplus stick from Yonex. These have never been played!
Price: $140.00,