Band-IT Elbow Brace

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The Band-IT is the only scientifically designed device to aid in the relief of tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and other forms of forearm and wrist pain commonly associated with RSIs without cutting off circulation, without causing discomfort and without inhibiting play or work. Band-IT also effective in the workplace and is recommended for computer operators, dentists, reporters, writers, factory workers and others who engage in repetitive manual activities.
  • Band-IT need only be tightened enough to stay in place to work effectively. Unlike other forearm bands, Band-IT works without restricting circulation or muscular function.
  • World-renowned orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, Donald Fareed, M.D, designed the Band-IT. As a long time consultant to members of the Davis Cup team, other professional sports teams and Olympic athletes, he designed the Band-IT based on 20 years of clinical observation and treatment of RSIs.

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