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This new hybrid from Babolat offers the exceptional playability of natural gut at a fraction of the price. The VS Natural Gut provides an unprecedented power, comfort, and feel, while the Synthetic Gut makes it slightly stiffer for a little more control and durability. This is an excellent choice for the player looking for the playability and comfort of natural gut, but doesn't want to pay top dollar. They can be strung either way in the hybrid. Stringing the VS Gut in the mains maximizes power and comfort, while stringing the Synthetic Gut in the mains allows for more control and durability.
  • Gauge: Babolat VS 16g (1.30mm) / Babolat Synthetic Gut 16g (1.30mm)
  • Length: Babolat VS - 20 feet (6m) / Babolat Synthetic Gut - 20 feet (6m)
  • Composition: Natural gut / solid center core w/co-polymer outer wrap
  • Color: Natural

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