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Alpha Gut 2000 16 String Price: $5.90

A multifilament pseudo-core consisting of high tensile strength and low elongation ATXL fibers. The core is first treated with a special resin, then spiral wrapped with monofilaments and finally coated with a pearlized, abrasion resistant resin.

Advantage: The special resin treated multifilament pseudo-core provides a true gut-like feel and the monofilament wrapping enhances the durability and playability. The pearlized coating adds extra durability. Alpha Gut 2000 is a high performance string with excellent elasticity, resilience and durability. This high-tech multifilament pseudo-core provides the best cushion to minimize breakage, elbow problems and to enhance control and power of a racquet. Excellent choice for stiff racquets such as wide bodies.

Gauge: 16
Length: 39 feet (11.9m)
Available colors: White only

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Alpha Gut 2000 16 String
This product is also available in these variations
Alpha Gut 2000 17 String - $5.90
Customer Feedback
Alpha's flagship multifilament string. Thinner gauge allows more feel and spin. Rated #1 in playability (synthetic strings) in 1994 USRSA String Survey.
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Alpha Gut 2000 18 String - $5.90
Customer Feedback
Alpha's top of the line multifilament string with ultimate 18 gauge playability. Benefits include increased spin control while maintaining slightly less durability than its 16 and 17 gauge brothers.
Available -     Order
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