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Alpha & RAB String

Alpha Viper MXT 16 Strings
Price: $8.95
Alpha's newest premium solid core string. Provides a predictable, comfortable response. Solid performer for the price.
Available: 5+
RAB Monoflex 16 String
Price: $5.99
A flexible monofilament, RAB offers both durability and feel. RAB is a solid choice for string breakers looking for a 16g durable string.
Color: Available: Order:
Gold 5+
Green 5+
Alpha Gut 2000 16 String
Price: $5.90
Great value in a multifilament string. Winner of the USRSA's 1994 String Survey for #1 playability synthetic.
Available: 20+
Alpha Gut 2000 17 String
Price: $5.90
Alpha's flagship multifilament string. Thinner gauge allows more feel and spin. Rated #1 in playability (synthetic strings) in 1994 USRSA String Survey.
Available: 20+
Alpha Gut 2000 18 String
Price: $5.90
Alpha's top of the line multifilament string with ultimate 18 gauge playability. Benefits include increased spin control while maintaining slightly less durability than its 16 and 17 gauge brothers.
Available: 20+

Alpha String Accessories

Alpha Pioneer DC Plus Stringing Machine
Price: $489.00
Professional quality stringing machine offered in a table-top version. Lockout tensioner, six-point mounting and diamond dusted, swivel clamps make the REVO 4000 best in its class! Price includes 1 year USRSA membership and shipping anywhere in the US.
Available: Notify Me
Alpha Viper Balance Board
Price: $40.00
The essential tool for home stringers or any player needing/wanting to match racquet balances.
Available: Yes