Allen Fox-Think to Win Book

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The outcome of most tennis matches is not determined by how players hit the ball, but rather, by how they play the game. In this book, TennisONE contributor Allen Fox focuses on developing winning strategies to defeat any opponent in both singles and doubles. 

Fox explains the basic geometry of points so commonly overlooked even by advanced players. He then teaches players at all levels how to answer key questions such as: Where to hit the ball, when, and how hard. Which strokes to choose under what conditions. How to attack an opponent’s weaknesses. How to play percentage tennis.

If you have been mired in lessons working on your strokes without seeing results in your match play, this book will open your eyes and teach you a whole new approach to winning.

Allen Fox is a coach, psychologist, and former American top 10 and Davis Cup player, recognized as one of the top coaching minds in sports.

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